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Shelley and I discuss two games that work well with up to 6 players, so you can have more family members enjoying fun stuff for the holidays!

Happy Pigs by Kuraki Mura from Swan

Coly Express by Christophe Raimbault from Ludonaute


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This week's episode is all about different types of games.  We run the gamut from small card game, through light kid-friendly filler, to heavy weight economic game.  On the docket are

Hamsterbacke by Francesco Berardi and published by Amigo

Ivor the Engine by Tony Boydell and published by Surprised Stare

Panamax by Gil D'Orey, Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro, and Paulo Soledade published by Stronghold Games

Fun Essen titles worth investigating!

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Shelley and I tackle three smaller titles, then delve into a medium-weight game that's not deck building, but is instead BAG building!

King's Pouch by Keewoong Kim from Divedice

Rolling Japan and Edo Yashiki by Hisashi Hayashi from OKAZU Brand

Red7 by Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik from Asmadi Games


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Shelley and I discuss one of the two games we played while still in Essen - Absacker - then take on two of Mayfair/Lookout's latest - Patchwork and Murano.

Absacker by Leo Colovini and Dario de Toffoli

Patchwork by Uwe Rosenberg

Murano by Inka and Markus Brand


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Shelley and I cover two of our recent Essen acquisitions:

Royals by Peter Hawes from Abacusspiele


Versailles by Andrei Novac and NSKN Games

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Shelley and I get Trains and its first Map Expansion to the table for a conversation on deck building with the addition of play to a board, then try out two from last year's Essen as well.

Trains + Map Expansion (Dominion with a board - which changes things in interesting ways!) by Hisashi Hayashi from AEG

Steam Park (great art and 3-D pieces!) by Buonfino, Silva and Sorrentino from Cranio Creations

SOS Titanic (innovative use of a spiral-bound book for the board/co-op) by Cathala and Maublanc from Ludonaute



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Recorded after getting a chance to play some titles that people brought to Meeplefest back in August, here are THREE two games and one expansion from Japanese designers:

Too Many Cinderellas (some interesting ideas about narrowing the possible choices for the title character) from Taikikennai Games

Isaribi (fishing and selling at market with special helper who facilitate the action) by Hisashi Hayashi and from Japon/OKAZU

Machi Koro Sharp (the second expansion for the buzz-worthy game from Essen 2013) by Masao Suganuma and from Foxgames/Grounding


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Shelley and I tackle the second 1/2 of BGG's Essen Preview, looking at games from publishers M-Z, as well as spending some time discussion Days of Wonder's latest, Five Tribes from Bruno Cathala.

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Shelley and I go through the Essen Preview, highlighting games from publishers A-L, and also discuss a game we got a chance to play that will be available at Essen - La Granja from Spielworxx.


Head over to the guild on BGG to discuss the games YOU are anticipating.  Next week we'll deal with M-Z!

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The group continues our discussion with more on camels (and the inclusion of Through the Desert in the mix), along with some iOS games that have been ported over, Tzolkin, Russian Railroads, and Glass Road.  We then delve into the topic of teaching games to others, as well as the need to CHOOSE fun when heading to the gaming table.



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