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Garrett's Games 408 - Continental Express and Bremerhaven

Shelley and I finish our marathon recording session of a couple of weeks ago with a discussion of a small tin-box game, coupled with a bigger Essen 2013 release.

On tap:

Continental Express by Charles Chevallier from Asmodee/Bombix


Bremerhaven by Robert Aueroches from Lookout Spiele


Played: 559 | Download | Duration: 00:39:13

Garrett's Games 407 - Splendor, Banco Banco, and Leelawadee

Shelley and I get three shorter games to the table this week, enjoying Essen 2013 releases (finally) Banco Banco and Leelawadee (which showed up right at the end of the show back in October), along with the new release from Space Cowboys entitled Splendor!

This podcast includes discussions of:

Banco Banco by William van Schagen

Leelawadee from Cwali and designed by Corne van Moorsel

Splendor from Space Cowboys and designed by Marc André

Played: 679 | Download | Duration: 00:39:52

Garrett's Games 406: S-Evolution and Florenza The Card Game

Shelley and I take the microphones out to the back deck to record this day-late podcast on two games we played over the weekend:

S-Evolution from Spiel-ou-Face Games, designed by Jean-Michel Maman


Florenza The Card Game from Placentia Games, designed by Stefano Gropi


Played: 609 | Download | Duration: 00:46:01

Garrett's Games 405 - Voluspa and Tzolkin Expansions

Shelley and I cover two other expansions from the past few months on this episode, delving into Stronghold Games' expansion to Scott Caputo's Voluspa, as well as the expansion to Czech Games Edition's Tzolkin!

The expansions' full titles are

Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar - Tribes and Prophesies

Voluspa: Order of the Gods

Played: 723 | Download | Duration: 00:41:57

Garrett's Games 404 - Expansions of Qin and Village

It's part 1 of a look at some of last year's expansions to games we have enjoyed in the past, and this week we start with a Knizia and the Brands!

Qin by Reiner Knizia and the Toad & Dragon Turtle Expansion boards (published by eggertspiele, Pegasus, and White Goblin - i.e. no domestic release)


The Village by Inka and Markus Brand, with the Village Inn Expansion (published by eggertspiele and Tasty Minstrel domestically)


Played: 720 | Download | Duration: 00:26:37

Garrett's Games 403 - Bezier Games' new Subdivision and Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Ted Alspach of Bezier Games joins us to discuss becoming a full-time designer/publisher and announce two new games for 2014!

Subdivision by Lucas Hedgren


Ted's new game Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Played: 871 | Download | Duration: 00:38:40

Garrett's Games 402 - Contest Resolved, Freedom, Expedition Northwest Passage and more!

Shelley and I finally announce the winners of the Episode 400 contest, then spend a bit of time talking about games with non-gamers (Love Letter and Keltis Stones are mentioned) and delve into more talk about Russian Railroads before getting to the meat of the episode's reviews

Expedition Northwest Passage by Yves Tourigny from Matagot


Freedom: The Underground Railroad by Brian Mayer from Academy Games

Played: 804 | Download | Duration: 00:38:28

Garrett's Games 401 - ebbes and Sail to India, plus Comments

More of your comments on the Best of 2013, along with reviews of

ebbes by Klaus Geis from Palatia Spiele


Sail to India by Hisashi Hayashi from OKAZU Brand and AEG

Played: 782 | Download | Duration: 00:41:20

Garrett's Games 400 - Handler der Karibik, Letnisko, and your comments!

Shelley and have made it to Episode 400!!!

This time it's a nice Cab from Tanner while we listen to some of your comments on the Best of 2013, and spend a few moments talking about two Essen card games, one of which is due for a wider release soon!

Händler der Karibik or Port Royal by Alexander Pfister

Letnisko by Karol Madaj

Thanks so much for listening - we still love doing these podcasts every week, so it's nice to know there's an audience out there enjoying them.

Played: 801 | Download | Duration: 00:55:36

Garrett's Games 399 - Coal Baron and Concordia

One day late, but that's due to the Monday vacation here in the States.  Shelley and I finish out the 300's of podcast episodes with a discussion of R&R Games' Coal Baron by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer, as well as Rio Grande Games' Concordia by Mac Gerdts.  And I also reflect on Blueprints once again.


Played: 828 | Download | Duration: 00:40:32

Garrett's Games 398 - Speculation, Hollywood, and Going, Going Gone!

Shelley and I spend this week looking at a classic, making movies, and going crazy with auctions.  On tap are

Going, Going, GONE! published by Stronghold Games and designed by Scott Nicholson

Speculation re-published by Queen Games and designed by Dirk Henn

Hollywood published by Hobby World and designed by Nikolay Pegasov

Also, be sure to send in your BEST GAME OF 2013 in writing OR as an audio file to


Played: 815 | Download | Duration: 00:31:44

Garrett's Games 397 - Nauticus and Bruxelles 1893

Shelley and I tackle two more of those Essen releases, enjoying both (but especially Bruxelles!):

Nauticus by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling


Bruxelles 1893 by Etienne Espreman

Played: 855 | Download | Duration: 00:42:15

Garrett's Games 396 - Madeira and Russian Railroads

Shelley and I get heavy this week, discussing two more Essen releases when we finally got time to delve into them over the holidays.

Madeira by Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade from What's Your Game?


Russian Railroads by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler from Z-Man

Played: 996 | Download | Duration: 00:37:31

Garrett's Games 395 - Blueprints, and two from Artipia

Shelley and I spend this week talking about a Z-Man Games release, along with two from Artipia Games.

Blueprints by Yves Tourigny from Z-Man

Shadows Over The Empire by Babis Giannios from Artipia Games

Archon: Glory and Machination by Nikolas Sakaloglou and Sotirios Tsantilas

Also, check out Bezier Games' Kickstarter for Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition here:

Played: 903 | Download | Duration: 00:31:34

Garrett's Games 394 - Donburiko, Sukimono, and Amerigo

Shelley and I cover three games that end in O - two Japanese games and one Stefan Feld game!

Donburiko by Masanofu

Sukimono by Masao Suganuma

Amerigo by Stefan Feld


Played: 852 | Download | Duration: 00:35:33

Garrett's Games 393 - Corto and Origin

Shelley and I are BACK after a week off for the holidays and on tap for this episode are 2 French-published games from Matagot and Ludicom:

Corto by Laurent Escoffier and Sebastien Pauchon
Origin by Andrea Mainini


Played: 845 | Download | Duration: 00:33:20

Garrett's Games Takes A Week Off!

Shelley and I are busily playing games, but with all of the family obligations and fun, we just did not have time to record a final December show.  We promise to be back NEXT WEEK to start 2014 with many new games to discuss in-depth.

Garrett's Games 392 - Year in Review 2013

Shelley and I take a preliminary look back at 2013 this week, discussing some of our favorite games played, along with some that we no longer have to bring to the table.


Played: 1058 | Download | Duration: 00:30:14

Garrett's Games 391 - Prosperity and Mauna Kea

Shelley and I get another 2 Essen titles to the table, playing Prosperity by Reiner Knizia and Sebastian Bleasdale from Ystari, as well as Mauna Kea by Touko Tahkokallio from Huch!  We enjoyed the former and not the latter.  We hope YOU enjoy the discussion about them.

Played: 830 | Download | Duration: 00:26:37

Garrett's Games 390 - Glass Road and Kashgar

Shelley and I spend some time with week with Use Rosenberg's latest Glass Road (coming from Z-Man and Feuerland), as well as Kashgar by Gerhard Hecht and from Kosmos.


Played: 941 | Download | Duration: 00:28:50