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Shelley and I discuss our plays of Codenames Pictures, the sequel to CGE's bestseller, then talk about the HUGE Z-Man/Feuerland release Feast for Odin.

Codenames Pictures by Vlaada Chvatil from CGE


Feast for Odin by Uwe Rosenberg from Z-Man/Feuerland Spiele

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Shelley and I get 

Schwupps by Michael Feldkötter from Amigo


Colonists by Tim Puls from Mayfair

We liked ONE of them!

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Shelley and I delve into our list of games released and played in 2016 now that we have most of the ones we needed to get to under our belts.  Here are our lists, and listen to find out our reasoning behind our choices:

Shelley's List:

1) Scythe

2) Mystic Vale

3) Yokohama

4) Ulm

5) Round House

6) Lorenzo il Magnifico

7) Kanagawa

8) First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express

9) Terraforming Mars

9.5) Coal Baron: The Great Card Game

10) Cottage Garden

Honorable Mentions: Colony & Great Western Trail

Doug's List:

1) Scythe

2) Yokohama

3) Terraforming Mars

4) Colony

5) Great Western Trail

6) Cottage Garden

7) First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express

8) Ulm

9) Mystic Vale

10) X Nimmt!

11) Round House

Honorable Mentions: Castles of Burgundy Card Game & Honshu

Disappointing Releases:

Blood Rage - Hated this one...

Oracle of Delphi - I will play almost any other Feld over this one.

Ticket to Ride Map Collection 5: UK & Penn - Takes the joy out of the game IMO

Bohemian Villages - Just not fun after the GREAT Orleans

Adventure Land - Good to see HABA entering the family market, but this odd, plodding and just not fun game wasn't a good choice. Karuba, their other Essen 2015 family release IS worth your time.

TIME Stories - I see its appeal, but feel it's not worth the price of admission...

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Shelley and I try out 2 family-style games that will still appeal to the gamers listening:

What's Up by Dennis Kirps and Jean-Claude Pellin from Strawberry Studio


Santorini by Gordon Hamilton from Roxley Games

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Shelley and I cover three games that just didn't wow us.

Waldgärtner by Claas Fischer from Edition Essentia

Inis by Christian Martinez from Matagot

Dokmus by Mikko Punakallio from Lautapelit

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Shelley and I check out 2 of R&R Games' Essen 2017 releases this week. A heavier Euro called

Ulm by Günter Burkhardt

and a lighter more luck-based title

Touria by Inka and Markus Brand, and Michael Rieneck

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Shelley and I took advantage of a Queen Games sale on Amazon to pick up some of their newer titles to check out.  This episode we try TWO of them with mixed results.

World Monuments by Piero Cioni


Glüx by Jakob Andrusch


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Shelley and I try out two games back in August for your consideration:

Sifaka - a first release from Azao Games and designed by Christian Kruchten and Jean-Claude Pellin where you are lemurs searching for mangoes on a grid you build over the course of the game.


Tumult Royal(e) - from KOSMOS and designed Klaus and Benjamin Teuber where players race to gather materials and build statues celebrating their own glory.

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Shelley and I have some fun on this August-recorded episode of two Essen 2015 releases.

Joraku by Iori Tsukinami from Moaideas Game Design


Domus Domini by Heinz-Georg Thiemann

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Shelley and I checked out the card game version of Coal Baron, then tried out the re-theming of a game from a few years ago!

Coal Baron: The Great Card Game by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer from Stronghold, eggertspiele, and Pegasus


Fields of Green by Vangelis Bagiartakis from Stronghold and Artipia


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