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Shelley and I discuss the beautiful Abyss (is it a good game too?) and Grog Island, a lighter game from eggertspiele (especially given their recent output of games such as Yedo, Rococo, etc.).

Games Discussed:

Abyss by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier (artwork by Xavier Collette) from Bombyx and Asmodee

Grog Island by Michael Rieneck from eggertspiele and Pegasus Spiele

Enjoy listening!

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Kevin Gonzales and Jay Bloodworth Join Shelley and me from Oasis of Fun in Atlanta.

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From from Oasis of Fun 2006 in Atlanta, GA

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Shelley and I have some fun playing games and enjoying Atlanta, GA in 2006

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Droles de Zebres and Aton discussed.

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Ric and Shelley join me on the mics for a discussion of such games as California, Jericho, Nacht der Magier, then we talk about local conventions as well.

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Shelley and I tackle the re-development of 51st State and another farming game from Uwe Rosenberg this week.

Imperial Settlers by Ignacy Trzewiczek and from Portal Games reimplements his previous title 51st State and requires players to manage unique, player-specific decks over 5 rounds of play.

Fields of Arle by Uwe Rosenberg and from Z-Man uses some similar Agricola/Caverna mechanisms in a game for only 1-2 players that lasts 9 rounds.  Choose your various actions wisely!


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Shelley joins me on the mics once again for a wrap up of Kublacon 2006.  We discuss the Settlers tournament, the Knizia-thon, and a couple older Asmodee games we got to play.

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Talking Kublacon and BGG all the way back in 2006

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I final solo show for awhile - #2 recording of episode 16 - with new equipment and a discussion of Kublacon.

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